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Cook like a Greek

Discover the hidden treasures and Greek cuisine, that always based on superior quality, fresh and tasteful ingredients produced in our country.Generous Pelion nature combined with cultural influences, has created the refined Pelion cuisine over the centuries.Simple raw materials such as mushrooms, chestnuts, walnuts, apples, fern, greens and herbs provide the basis for unique tasteful combinations.

The «spetsofai» with green peppers and locally produced Pelion sausage is arguably the most famous of the local dishes. Other popular dishes are the traditional Pelion bean soup know as «fasolada» and stewed goat meat, order it as «gida vrasti».

Famous salads of «tsitsiravla», «vergia» and «kritama» hold a prominent place at the dinner table as well. Meanwhile, the adjacency of Pelion area with the sea offers in Pelion dishes a wide variety of fish and seafood cooked in the oven, the frying pan or even on the grill.

The two dominant drinks in the Pelion cuisine is black wine and raki with anise.

Finally, the wide variety of «spoon deserts», the traditional pecan pie and «baklavas» will definitely amaze you with their unique flavor.